Wooden Toy Made in Europe

TriHorse Ball Track MAXI is a first-class toy made of natural solid beech wood. This toy is made in Europe where it is extremely popular and successful. Made of sturdy wood our ball track MAXI represents the highest standards in safety, in design, and in finish. With the MAXI, you receive the highest value of one of the best wooden toys ever designed. For your better understanding this is not only a toy but an educational tool at the same time. Playing with the MAXI a child’s sense of hearing motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and reaction time are practiced and strengthened, all while having fun. The Balls whiz down the tracks. Does not coe with train or car The Cart Wheel Jack and the Cart Wheel Flower as their names already indicate, turn like a cartwheel one turn after another. As the children play they can close their eyes and learn the sounds of each item that is rolling down the track and they learn to differentiate those sounds. The children will learn as well which one of the toys is fastest and even learn to predict the amount of time that it will take each roll-down-the-track toy to reach the end of the track. The Ball Track MAXI has one of the highest educational value of most toys on the market. It brings learning and fun together. It can not become better than that. For 3 years and above. Ball track MAXI design made of beechwood is 50 cm tall with six movable objects. Thanks to the size of the individual parts they cannot be swallowed.
  • Recommended age: 3-6 years
  • Catalog number: 201